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HIT (Normal)
SIGMA (Normal)
MHB (Normal)
MHG (big size)
GIANT (big size)
HIT-V (Non-contact)
PGS (super precision)
PFB (super precision)


Excellent dynamic reliability with
  Gantry type structure.
Reliable thermal stability is guaranteed
  with high quality granite parts.
Best for measuring large parts from
  automotive, shipyards and aerospace



Measuring Range(㎜)

~ 2500 ~ 5000 ~2000

Maximum Permissible Error
(㎛, L:㎜)

E 5.0+L/200 ~

Machine Weight (㎏)

~23000(Machine body only)
Electronic Drive Controller
Advanced Continuous Motion Control using DSP Technology
Electric Power Suppy & Joystick assembly with Extra Keyboard

Standard Acessories
Clamp Kit
Air Dryer
Training Workpiece
Oil Filter/Air Filter
Datum Sphere Kit (Dia. 25mm)

Specifications are subject to change without notice
Date 2009-02-04
Former GIANT
Next MHB
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