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Touch-trigger probes
scanning probes
Non-contact probe

SP25M compact scanning probe system
  • The world’s most compact and versatile scanning probe system
  • Two sensors in one - a scanning probe, and a touch trigger probe using TP20 stylus modules
  • Rapid and repeatable interchange between highly modular system elements provides the most efficient solution to suit the measurement task
  • Excellent scanning accuracy across the entire stylus range of 20 - 400 mm (0.78 - 15.75 in)
  • Can be used with extension bars up to 100 mm for even greater reach
  • Can be used with extension bars up to 100 mm for even greater reach
  • Ultra-compact at Ø25 mm (Ø0.98 in) for superior part accessibility
  • Isolated optical metrology technology gives unrivalled measurement performance, even with long styli
  • Flexible change rack where ports can be easily configured to carry any system element

 Scanning with 3 axis measurement (X,Y,Z)
 Touch trigger probing using TP20 modules
 ±0.5 mm (0.02 in) deflection in all directions in all orientations
 UCC2 or AC3< 0.10 µm
 Nominally 0.6 N/mm - when using module’s shortest specified stylus
 Nominally 0.2 N/mm - when using module’s longest specified stylus
 SP25M body  :60.00g
 SM25-1 :35.00g
 SM25-2 :40.00g
 SM25-3 :49.00g
 SM25-4 :71.00g
 X、Y、—Z:±X, ±Y, -Z via break out of module or stylus holder
 +Z via integral bump-stop design
 Head / end interface
 Multiware / M3 thread
 Head accessories
 End accessories
 M3 stylus

Date 2009-02-04
Former Non-contact probe
Next Touch-trigger probes
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