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Dukin based on manufacturing experience for many years and variety of transformation, Provide the best and the most suitable retrofit service.
The article provide basic infomation about CMM retrofit and Description of the information prepared in advance.
If need detailed description, Please contact us by purchase OL or Tel, We wil give you the most cordial reply .


Definition of upgrade

In order to improve the testing efficiency of old CMM, the control box and software( including computer) are replaced by a new type of behaviour.

Due to user inconvenience the currently used CMM software ( including control box) is replaced by other company’s software behaviour.

Range of upgrade

the replacement of controller and related circuitries

the replacement of motor and Grating ruler

the replacement of software and computer

adding or deleting part of projects according to thenegotiation

Term note



the replacement of control box, circularity and computer and software

To have partial adjustment to improve the repeatability and accuracy

generally, replacement of machine parts is not included.

Need up to 20%--35% purchasing cost.



in order to improve the precision and reliability, the whole equipment should be inspected, the backward parts should be replaced and the control system should be upgraded, and the software replacement may not be included.

the replacement of driver, air bearing, counter balance and grating will be included.

Need up to 35% --50% purchasing cost.



complete decomposition of equipment as well as the inspection and repair of all the parts are carried out.

change the driver into the present system.

Need up to 35% ---70% purchasing cost, if exceeding 70%, it is recommended to purchase new machine.

The upgrade carried out in my company is the mixture of upgrade and rebuild.


Technology aspects

With the fast development of technology, what sophisticated equipment it is at the time of purchasewill be reduced to the old one after a period of time .

CMM is different from the work machine. Motor and driver do not bear much pressure, therefore, in the case of good management, the life of hardware can maintain semi-permanent.
The development of the hardware itself is slow, on the contrary, the development of software and control technology is relatively fast. (especially software).

After replacing the software and controller, we could always get the same effect as using the latest equipment .

Price aspect

Cost is based on models and size, generally, 20 ~ 35% of purchasing cost can be implemented to upgrade and retrofit.

Prices will increase based on size while purchasing new equipment , but in the implementation of upgrade and retrofit, the software and controller are almost the same price with little differences.
In terms of price, the more large scale of the machines, the more beneficial to conduct upgrade and retrofit than to re-purchase. (Please refer to picture in the next page)

Interchangeability aspect

While using multiple CMM, most of manufacturing enterprises of measuring machines are different.

Therefore, various problems including difficulty in the explanation of measuring data measurementnon-CNC-sharing procedures, the difficulty for gauger to work after the replacement of measuring machine and training difficulties and so on.
Upgrade can solve the above problems.

Management aspect

In order to solve the difficulties of standardization management of equipment due to different manufacturing enterprise of measuring machine, the measuring machine will be transformed into the same system.

Technology aspect

The use of new controller and software (including computer) make it have as same effect as using new purchased equipment.

When repetitiousness is good, the use of error -guaranteed software can improve the precision.

Operation aspect

Enable to achieve the effect of savings 65 ~ 80% of investment costs.

All the problems caused by interchangeability can be solved.

Efficiency can be improved through standardization management of equipment.

Opportunities can be prevented to lose due to equipment outages via rapid technical support when the domestic manufacturers implement transformation.


The inspecting point when selecting enterprises

Whether they have a lot of good performance on upgrade and have systematic management after upgrade? Whether these systematic after-sale managements are being put into practice.

Whether the software provided by enterprises can meet the requirement? Whether these softwares need continuous upgrade?

Whether the enterprises are responsible for post-management after upgrade. How soon could they deal with problems once occurred. Whether the enterprises are responsible for post-management after upgrade. How soon could they deal with problems once occurred.
Whether they have the new technical capabilities to conduct further upgrade after transformation.

Through the upgrade of original manufacturers.

They have reliable advantages in technology.

It is difficult to offer help quickly due to the geographical distance.

Through the upgrade of other enterprises in this professional field

Low price; in the case of domestic enterprises, short-term and quick response can be achieved.

Technology reliance can not be guaranteed. Continuous software upgrade support could not be provided due to their incapability to develop.

Controller, computer

some thought that only the replacement of software will be ok. But if we want to replace into the latest software, we will need to replace the computer and controller adapting to the software. ----Installing Windows XP in 286 PC

  Measuring range

Measuring range is impossible to be expanded even though upgrade is carried out. Replace a car’s engine into a new one, will the car’s space be expanded?


Find relevant information to inspect, and make the matters to be asked into a catalogue.

Make the specially needed matters into catalogue.

Invite manager to conduct the software demonstration

set the date of the actual presentation.

If comparison with other projects is to be conducted, the same measurement objects, drawings, CAD files should be presented to the inspected enterprises. More than 10 kinds of projects will be selected and demonstrated one by one.(Don’t give the workpieces to the enterprises in advance and bring them while visiting and demonstrating so as to confirm all the processes and problems.)

To confirm whether the final quoted price from company has included the following items: the selected software, training, installation and debugging, S / W support, upgrade agreement, and prices. Quoted price of new equipment will be well received under the same conditionsl

Make a list of the important projects, rash presumption is not allowed to any project which do not have written confirmation.

To check the functions through talking with the relevant departments and to select the optimized enterprise after comparing the current as well as future functions. Even though the enterprise offering the highest quoted price is chosen, we also should check whether it has corresponding advantages.


supply user-specific software

MMS-Windows software

MS-Excel exchange

supply customer-specific software

inspection result chart book

output format

prompt technical support

training, A/S, measurement support

supply integrated solutions with regard to measurement

current situation of DEREN alteration

* Hexagon Group :except B&S / DEA / Sheffield / Starrett / Johasson
* Others : except MORA / Numerex / Renault / Stiflmayor / Wegu / Trimek  
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