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Inspec-DK Series


Non-contact 3D Measuring Machine for 4th-Generation LCD Glass

Non-contact 3D measuring machine for the external dimensions, edge polishing quantity, and bending of LCD glass
Application of granite-based Air-bearing Stage that uses a linear motor.
Application of a passive-type isolator for the isolation of vibration.
Application of Vacuum Chuck and Glass Pin Up/Down Module .
Application of Continuous Image Auto-focus Module.
Application of non-contact measurement method using a high-performance CCD camera and an optical sensor.

Items Inspec-DK4G
Measuring Range X
1000 mm
1200 mm
200 mm
Maximum measurable size of glass Up to Gen4 Glass(730x920 mm)
Resolution 0.1 ㎛
Measurement accuracy Align Key ± 1 ㎛ (3 σ)
Straightness ± 3 ㎛ (3 σ)
研磨量 ± 3 ㎛ (3 σ)
Flatness ± 10 ㎛ (3 σ)
Repeatability ± 1.0 ㎛ (3 σ)
Maximum driving speed X,Y
400 mm/s
200 mm/s
Image detection
B&W progressive scan CCD camera

Programmable LED ring light
Programmable LED coaxial light

Difference of step measuring device Laser Displacement Sensor (resolution: 0.05 ㎛)
Payload 30 kg
Overall size X
1980 mm
1750 mm
1810 mm
Body weight 4,500 kg

Date 2009-02-04
Former Inspec-DK7G
Next No record
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