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Touch-trigger probes
scanning probes
Non-contact probe

CCD image parobe
  • High efficiency than touch probe
  • Suitable for sheet and soft measurement
  • With ring light, Coaxial Light and background light.
  • To controller the ring light in sections.
 CCD image probe(non-contact sensor)
 Suitable for
Board, sheet part, soft part…
 Field of view
 (6.40/X)mm * (4.80/X)mm
X is the Lens magnification
 Image resolution
 (5.00/X) µm
 X is the Lens magnification
 Image magnification
 Note: for 17” Monitor, X is the Lens agnification
 Telecentric lens
 LED ring light(red or white)
LED ring light(red or white)
 Background light(white)
Background light(white)
 LED NC system
 Head interface
 Head accessories
 Any probe head or without probe head

Date 2009-12-15
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