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Develop the all-marble gantry CMM MHG series

Dukin Jinan Coordinate Measuring Machine Co., Ltd has succeeded to develop the all-marble gantry CMM – MHG. MHG is designed of the general gantry structure of large volume machine, in order to guarantee the long time of accuracy. And the all-marble structure make the coefficient of thermal expansion to minimize.

MHG is designed of twin-driver by Y direction, avoiding the swing error by single-dirver.

Range and Accuracy


Range(㎜) 2500 5000 2000

Overall Dimensions(㎜)

5300 7000 5700

Maximum Permissible Error
per ISO 10360-2 (㎛, L:㎜)

E 8.0+L/200
Machine Weight (㎏) 23000
Max. Workpiece Weight (㎏) 30000
Air Requirements (㎏/㎠) 5
耗气量(NL/min) 120
Date 2010-09-10
Former CMM Advanced Seminar_G&T
Next Advanced Seminar Has Closed Perfectly In JiNan
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