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1、Production photo:
2、Build the Coordinate
1st Datum: To measure a plane on the top plane of the gear to alignment, then the X-rote, Y-rote and Z translation are limited.
2nd Datum: To measure a circle outside, and then the X-translation and Y-translation are limited.
3rd Datum: To measure 2 points on the 1st tooth, calculate the mid-point of them, and then make the rotation. Details: to measure 2 points on both sides of the tooth using auto-measuring to make sure the X and Z coordinates are the same. To construct a line with the mid-point and circle center, and then rote the line as X axis. Then repeat the program, till the Y/X of the line become less then 2um.
Final coordinate:
font face="arial">3、Final coordinate
font face="arial"> Profile Measuring: to get the profile with sp25M.
Date 2010-12-15
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